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DESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death 12'' MLP (US COVER)

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Released in September 1984, Sentence of Death was the first official release from Destruction. Hailed as one of the earliest Thrash Metal records, and part of the First Wave of Black Metal, this MLP possesses quite a legendary status. Sentence of Death is a superb opening chapter for one of Thrash's eldest statesmen, and perhaps one of the best MLPs ever released in all Metal, instantly addictive and consuming, the sort of game changer that instantly must have had many new European bands of the 80s rethinking and reworking their own strategies. Its impact is clearly felt in a lot of German Thrash and Speed Metal to follow, and as the band even considered themselves 'black speed metal' at the time, you can imagine it had an even wider appeal. Dark, invigorating, and proficient, it remains one of the best Destruction releases to date, surpassed only by their staggering follow-up Infernal Overkill.

This version is the US album-cover that METAL BLADE RECORDS originally used (different from the European version) when they released the MLP for US-audience in 1985

BLACK vinyl - limited to 200 copies - 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert, printed inner sleeve, 2 posters, A5 photo, mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. Original 1984 sound. HIGH ROLLER RECORDS