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NB! This is a preorder item - Releasedate is July 2022 

(Unfortunately we are still waiting for this one as there seem to have been some problem with the delivery to our distributor)

The 3rd DJEVEL album from 2015 re-released on limited edition LP on transparent/ black vinyl with lyrics for the first time.

Made up of musicians from various Norwegian Metal acts, the band released their 3rd album "Saa Raa og Kald" in 2015. The band members bring with them a wealth of experience with acts such as ENSLAVED, GEHENNA and KVELERTAK, so it's not that surprising that this record manages to sound as fresh as it does without straying from its Black Metal roots. The instruments channel second-wave acts like DARKTHRONE and IMMORTAL, with a tone that falls somewhere between the former's malice and the latter's majesty. The production on the album gives the guitars a sharp tone that lets the melodies stand out while flying in a whipping, whirlwind-like fury. This is where the band really make their mark, as there is a distinct feeling of mystery and even awe in the passages of visceral offerings like "Hode Og Hals I Doedsvals", "De Som Hadde Onde Oeyne", and "Salmesang Og Knokkelklang" that transcends your everyday darkness.