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DYSTOPIA NÅ - Dweller On The Threshold CD*

DYSTOPIA NÅ - Dweller On The Threshold CD*

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ystopia Nå returns with their follow-up to Syklus. The music is related to the extreme genre, but cannot be labelled as this or that so easily. There are elements musically which takes your mind in the direction of black metal, but there are also countless other terms that can be used to describe their music. They dabble within the realm of black, avantgarde, experimental, progressive, depressive, doom, alternative and  a helluva lot more. The musicianship is outstanding, and the vocal duties shared between the growls/shouts of K & the clean vocals by S perfectly compliments the sonic landscape painted here. So much thought and care has been put into making everything fit perfectly, and not a single note, growl or solo is out of place on this album. Everything fits, and are keys to solving the enigma that Dystopia Nå is. For some this band may be a hard code to crack as they are a bit all over the place, but once you manage to catch a glimpse through the looking glass, this album will reward you tenfold.

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