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ELÄNDE - Dödens Rike CD

ELÄNDE - Dödens Rike CD

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ELÄNDE is a Swedish three-piece Black Metal band from Gothenburg which exists since 2010. Before the release of their current album named "Dödens rike" they released a demo and an EP.

The most prominent member of this band is for sure Trish, who plays drums in ELÄNDE, which should be known to many know as she is or has been also the drummer in numerous other bands such as Urarv, DödsÄngel, Djevelkult or Skitliv.

"Dödens rike" is a really great traditional Black Metal release, and should be a listening pleasure for all people who like traditional stuff in the vein of norwegian classics such as (old) Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Svartavlheim-era Ancient, the german Graven, or Swedish bands such as the great Throne of Ahaz.

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