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"Mardraum-Beyond the Within" is both an advancement of the band's early 90's, Black metal inspired era and a good introduction their experimental side, which has proved a success in their career thus far. From a gloriously thrashy and straightforward outing on Blodhemn, Enslaved finally took the plunge they had been alluding to since their debut. Although the headstrong nods to 1970s progressive rock would only become obvious on Monumension, it's enough to say that Enslaved became a full-fledged progressive metal outfit on Mardraum. It truly crushed all categorization, smashing minds and sailing off the edge of the known universe with aplomb.

Ltd. 500 x white 12" (180g) in a microtene innerbag, printed innersleeve, full-color on 220g, gatefold jacket, full-color, black flood inside on 350g with UV relief spot lac, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

Osmose 2021