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Enslaved has not dramatically changed its style in all its years of existence; yes, they are largely removed from the black metal trappings of their demos and Vikingligr Veldi, but the prog-inflected viking/black metal they took up not long after has been carried like holy scripture and executed with tact, creativity and precision ever since. Arguably they've only released fantastic albums since 2003's Below The Lights, and that spectacular run is continued with this epic. Also worth noting is the first ten-minute song the band has produced since Neogenesis off of 2004's Isa, showing that even as the band grows older, their ambitiousness in composition has not declined an iota.

But RIITIIR is not just another album in Enslaved's quite stellar discography. It sticks out because it indicates that the band, without deviating from its roots, is capable of shifting focus to different variables in its winning formula. Clean vocals are decidedly more present. The overall sound is less harsh than preceding records. In my opinion, it's all the better for it. Don't worry, it's still very much extreme metal, but it feels like Enslaved has spread its sound out the most since Frost here - work that will pay back in coming albums. The change can be seen readily from the track list; every song stretches on considerably longer than on any album since Eld, packed with dense transitions and tempo changes.

Double BLACK LP version in a grand gatefold cover!

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