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It's now two decades after their birth in Norway and ENSLAVED's album, RIITIIR, surprises once more even those who are familiar with their non-linear development. The band's sound – complete with castanets (!) this time around - is more than ever their own; the underlying thoughts and influencing events more deeply engaged. RIITIIR embodies a lot more of what has come to be known as ENSLAVED: indefinable and grandiose, honest and unearthly, dark, harsh, and beautiful.

Whether you're drawn into the genesis myth of the album's opening track 'Thoughts Like Hammers' or experience the stratosphere with 'Veilburner,' enter some sacred grove via 'Roots Of The Mountain' or long to leave your body after 'Death In The Eyes Of Dawn,' ENSLAVED continue to explore their perception of place in the natural world and challenge the limits of their own self-knowledge, thus ever-expanding the landscape of their musical ecology. Like all their albums before, RIITIIR brings meaning to our mysteries, our memories, our landscapes, and our lives… if only we let it.

Ltd. gold vinyl double LP in gatefold.

Nuclear Blast 2024

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