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EVANGELIST - Doominicanes LP

EVANGELIST - Doominicanes LP

189,00 kr
EVANGELIST don’t even pretend hiding where they are coming from. Classic and epic doom with a heavy-metal background à la CANDLEMASS and strong religious themes is the name of the game and right from opening track “Blood Curse”, you know you’re dealing with pros here and not simple imitators. Not only is ‘Doominicanes’ an extremely well-produced and not only has it more than a hint of the kind of vibe DOOMSWORD and other Italian power metallers have learnt to master on the battlefield and with all its epic buttons pushed to the max (final track “Militis Fidelis Deus” is a 12 minutes+ pure delight!), there’s a religious fervour going allthrough the record that really sets them apart. But a fervour tormented by guilt and suspicion and that gut feeling that the Heaven Above ain’t exactly what’s in store for us.

Ltd. 400 copies in gatefold cover.

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