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EXUMER - Fire Before Possession: The Lost Tapes LP

EXUMER - Fire Before Possession: The Lost Tapes LP

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For Exumer, legendary thrash outfit from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015 marks the 30th year of existence – reason enough for High Roller Records to do this very special release! Now here are the basic facts:
Back in 1986, Exumer released one of the finest thrash albums around then, making themselves a household name among those who set a high value on diving beneath the surface of metal, that is, the underground. We’re talking here about their legendary first full-length album “Possessed by Fire”, which combines trademarks of German thrash and Bay Area thrash in the best possible way. Among the releases of those days, “Possessed by Fire” stands out due to the unique vocal performance by Mem von Stein and the stunning riffage, as well as the great variety in rhythms and timing - hard to believe that this should be a debut album!
If you are already “possessed by fire” or not, this (p)re-release of the legendary album is something very special: It was taken from the one last copy of the advance tape for “Possessed by Fire” which stood the test of time. Now here’s the whole story: To check out the songs that were supposed to be recorded for their debut album, Exumer’s label (Disaster Records at that time) had asked the band to prepare a decent tape with the bulk of the material. This cassette tape was only given out to the label, and to a few close friends of the band. As the band lost all their own copies, those early recordings could have been lost forever – but luckily, a good friend of Exumer held on to the very last copy. This piece of metal history has now been audio restored and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in October 2014, still preserving the rawness and youthful energy of what later became Exumer’s debut album, “Possessed by Fire”. Artwork and design for “Fire before Possession” come from Alexander von Wieding (, who already did some great artistic jobs for a whole bunch of illustrious bands on the High Roller roster, like Master, Nuclear Assault, and many more.

Ltd. 200 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, A4 lyric sheet, poster

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