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FJØSNISSE - Unleashed Hymns LP (RED)

FJØSNISSE - Unleashed Hymns LP (RED)

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On vinyl for the first time!

"Unleashed Hymns" is the 2nd album from the Norwegian artist Fjøsnisse. The one-man project was launched by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Anders Vada. They are a good example of very well executed Norwegian Black Metal with Thrash elements.
Great vocals, Thrash Metal style abrasive riffs and relentless drumming there is actually a fair bit of ambiance and melody on here. The track The Nine Lords for instance, con- tains a melodic guitar section towards the latter half of. All the tracks have a very balanced amount of both melodic and harsh elements with smooth transitions in the guitar passages.

"Unleashed Hymns" is a cult-classic album, in particularly for those who enjoyed the bands that emerged as part of the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the 1990s. A few decades later Fjøsnisse is continuing with the legacy.

This album is released in a deluxe gatefold edition, in three colors (Gold / Red / Silver) limited to 300 copies each! SEVAN MATER 2022

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