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FORSMÀN - Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma CD

FORSMÀN - Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma CD

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Forsmán has been around for a while now and their first body of work has finally been realized in the form of this debut EP titled Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma in 2021. The Icelandic band maintains a spirit which is in very close proximity with the country's emerging black metal scene of the last decade, as it is apparent from their aesthetics, their live appearances and now also their own material. Introducing themselves with a mini-album via Ván Records is a great first step to put Forsmán in the map and already they show enough competence to be placed among the bigger acts of the Icelandic scene.

Digipak CD - VAN Records 2021

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