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FOSCOR - Les Irreals Visions 2LP (WHITE)

FOSCOR - Les Irreals Visions 2LP (WHITE)

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On this fifth album, Catalonia's FOSCOR carve a multi-facetted jewel out of deep longing, their country's characteristic melancholy, and dark foreboding heaviness. This album invites the listener onto a cinematic journey through dream landscapes created by carefully arranged sonic delights and unexpected aural twists. 'Les Irreals Visions' is easily drawing its eager audience in, only to lure the unwary listener into a dark labyrinth of unexpected complexity filled with beauty and sorrow, which they might find much harder to leave than anticipated. Enjoy charting your course through the glittering facets of this musical gem.

White double vinyl in gatefold cover, incl. 2 bonus tracks. LTD to 200 copies worldwide.

Season Of Mist 2017

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