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GAROTTING DEEP / FÓR - Void Asceticism LP

GAROTTING DEEP / FÓR - Void Asceticism LP

189,00 kr
Appropriately titled, Void Asceticism joins two of underground black/death's most challenging and uncompromising newcomers, Canada's GAROTTING DEEP and Sweden's FŌR. GAROTTING DEEP occupy the first side, and create a churning, hideous maw of hKatakombendaunting sound. Seemingly amorphous, the band's three tracks burrow different holes and then move elsewhere, the gutted frequencies shaking loose the listener's foundations. On the second side, FŌR plod forward ominously, their sludge 'n' trudge the sonic equivalent of urban decay. But then, explosions of bestial chaos abound, keeping the listener in a perpetual state of tension. Taken together, both GAROTTING DEEP and FŌR illustrate exactly what Void Asceticism means: moral collapse, soul sacrifice, eternal oblivion.

Ltd 500 copies on black vinyl in gatefold jacket.

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