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GHASTLY - Carrion Of Time LP

GHASTLY - Carrion Of Time LP

189,00 kr
May it sound exaggerated and unreal to say, that certain ways of death metal seems not to be performed by more or less equilibrated individuals (rated under file, human beings), but by monstrous creatures. It’s like the notes, played by the hands of fabulous abominable entities, extend all the vortexes of the style making it sounding, torturing, mesmerizing and even stinking sepulchral moss. Gaunt and cadaverous passages of abnormality is all the fanciness that Finalnd’s Ghastly can offer in terms of generosity with their debut album. One of those records that hail with due respect and measured distance the genially of “Epitome of Darkness” with the spectral sensibility of the Finns when it comes to black metal of the lumpy and eeriest stripe.

Black vinyl with insert.

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