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GLENN EVANS - Overload Picture Disc LP

GLENN EVANS - Overload Picture Disc LP

129,00 kr
When NUCLEAR ASSAULT re-united in 2014 for their final recordings and tours, long-time Nuclear Assault drummer Glenn Evans searched around for a good studio to record the last ever Nuclear Assault tracks. He ended up finding the perfect studio and decided to record some of the classics that got him into drumming and music in general. The result is this "Overload" recording - a bunch of covers of bands like Motörhead, Grand Funk Railroad, Sex Pistols and Ace Frehley (!). Strange and obscure stuff indeed, but also funny and interesting for all Nuclear Assault fans to see and hear that Evans is not only a good drummer - but can handle all instruments and vocals also has he is behind everything on these songs.

This obscure and very limited Picture Disc LP is pure entertainment and should not be looked upon as anything else! Mainly for the die hard collector who need everything - or the manic Nuclear Assault fan!

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