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GOATHOLOCAUST - Neuvaine Du Mal LP (w/ totebag, sticker, poster)

99,00 kr

Brutality and perversion! "Neuvaine Du Mal" is the 3rd recording of the band. It was recorded in 2006 but was lost until the end of 2019. When just found back, the band decided to honor this material by releasing it in 2020.

Probably the best album of the band with a strong vow in their bestial Black/ Death approach. Rough mix but huge groovy sound.

GOATHOLOCAUST stands as one of the first Black/ Death European band with female vocals.

For maniacs of Beherit, Von, Black Witchery, Impaled Nazarene, Mortician...Obey Profanatory Forces!

- All Artworks painted by relentless Rok | Sadistik Exekution |
- OxBlood Vinyl Colour Handnumbered to 100 UNITS ONLY!!
- 1st copies comes with FREE A2 Posters.

50 Ultra Limited Versions come with a both sides printed Vinyl Cotton Bag illustrated by mighty Christophe Moyen!

(we sell this version of the LP until our stock of bags and stickers are sold out)