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HEAVY LOAD - Death Or Glory LP/ CD

299,00 kr

Much like other high quality but under-appreciated European traditional Metal bands (220 Volt, Overdrive, Ostrogoth, Avenger) Sweden’s beery Vikings HEAVY LOAD slugged it out in the trenches long before anybody bothered to notice ‘em. Partially to blame were the ludicrously small and poorly distributed pressing of their records, but no Metal this good should go unheard for any reason, damn it.

Bringing the energy and passion of Motorhead to bear on Scorpions derived clever guitar stylings, Heavy Load embody a hopeful, anthemic sound evoking Viking anthems sung after a lost but well fought battle. Debuting way back in ’78 with a self-financed (and hopelessly rare) record called Full Speed At High Level, the band were on their way to metal non-stardom, but Death Or Glory, their second album is the band’s finest hour. 

This one’s a Swedish Metal classic and the band have gained a reasonable cult-following especially the last 10 years with the rise of retro-Heavy Metal and festivals like KEEP IT TRUE and MUSKELROCK. Through the 80ies, 90ies and 00's this album was very hard to find due to the limited accessibility the Swedes suffered from having to release the music themselves - but thanks to labels like NO REMORSE this classic is finally re-released in all it's Heavy Metal glory!

180 gram vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve including 8 pages LP-sized booklet with many photos, lyrics, and liner notes for each song.

Remastered directly from the original analogue tapes by the Wahlquist Brothers.

Includes extra CD with bonus and unreleased tracks!