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HELLOWEEN - Helloween 2CD (Digibook)

HELLOWEEN - Helloween 2CD (Digibook)

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Maybe a bit of a surprise to be added to the KATAKOMBEN-stock as we mainly focus on extreme Metal - but we all have a soft spot for some of the most influential early Heavy Metal bands - and in this case some of the most influential early Speed Metal band!

HELLOWEEN might not be considered a Speed Metal band anymore - "Walls Of Jericho" is still a classic in the genre - but with the new album, simply titled HELLOWEEN, the band opens a new chapter after 35 years of a glorious career. The future of one of the most influential German Metal bands from now on will feature three singers. Originally planned for the live performances only, it was the birth of a unique seven piece Metal alliance.

Dani Löble: ”This record is the coronation of the PUMPKINS UNITED journey! Still today I am fascinated by the different character traits and facets of the HELLOWEEN history. As an example I’d like to point out the legendary voices of Michi, Andi and Kai. To enjoy them now together on one record, under one flag is the ultimate HELLOWEEN experience”. It is therefore not surprising that the pre-release single SKYFALL, a 12 minute epos written by Kai Hansen, has the long yearned “Keeper-vibe” - even if the long player can by no means be limited to it. SKYFALL implies the musical arch which will be loved by fans of every era. This first album of a new age is taking the fans from unforgettable memories of the fifteen studio records and four live albums to new adventures.

When it came to capturing the larger-than-life emotions in the artwork, it quickly became clear that it was only possible as a handmade painting on which the important topics of the band's history are processed. The work of Berlin based artist Eliran Kantor has achieved this and visually underscores the fact that the band cherishes all parts of their history.

Exclusive and strictly limited Digibook-edition with bonus CD and an extraordinary booklet included!

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