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HEX .A.D. - Netherworld Triumphant LP

HEX .A.D. - Netherworld Triumphant LP

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HEX A.D. is a Norwegian Hard Rock band with a lot of progressive and doomy tendences, inspired by the great British bands of the 1970s. "Netherworld Triumphant" is their 3rd album released by Norwegian label Fresh Tea.

Taken from Stalker Magazine:
"Doom Metal from the depths of the earth, massive guitar walls – as if Black Sabbath had leased their equipment – and infectious grooves; lotsa reverb on the rough smokey voice, a keyboard sound as if Jon Lord had tuned it personally… then all those songs so raw and straight-forward as if directly from a rehearsal cellar .. don’t get me wrong here, the recording quality is excellent, I just try to describe the atmosphere which is invoked by this album. Yet there is plenty of creative input, other genres being in the mix (Stoner-Psychedelic, Prog) so that at the same time everything sounds pretty modern"

Gatefold cover - Black vinyl - Fresh Tea 2018

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