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HOLY MOSES - Finished with the Dogs LP + 7" EP (SILVER)

219,00 kr

The 2nd HOLY MOSES album from 1987 re-released in a killer package! Classic German Speed/ Thrash Metal!

When Holy Moses debuted with 'Queen Of Siam' in 1986, they were a Thrash-ish band, slightly remniscent of Venom's sloppy kind of upgraded NWOBM. With a female singer who did grunt-like vocals. 'Queen Of Siam' was an okay album, but nothing really special. Nobody would probably have suspected that a year later, they would release an absolute killer album.

'Finished With The Dogs' forgives them for every mistake made on the debut. What Holy Moses does here is bordering on the incredible. From beginning to end, the album is a vicious Thrash fest executed with precision, energy and a shitload of aggression. Sabina Classen's vocals have gained aggression and sincerity, Andy Classen has turned into the absolute top of European rhythm guitar, only equaled by Kreator's Mille Petrozza, and forms a great team with the drumming of Uli Kusch. To say the least, 'Finished With The Dogs' was an enormous step in the right direction.

High Roller Records, silver vinyl, limited to 300 copies with 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric innersleeve, poster, one sided black vinyl bonus 7" with silkscreen print on b side.

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