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HOVMOD - Doedsformasjon LP (BLACK)

HOVMOD - Doedsformasjon LP (BLACK)

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Norway’s cold Black Metal act HOVMOD arise at their debut full length studio album, “Doedsformasjon” on Dusktone.

Formed in Toten, Norway, HOVMOD is one of the seven deadly sins, and it represents aggression, rage, pride and the opposite of humility- something that reflects in HOVMOD’S music in the debut album “Doedsformasjon” that has been released in both CD and Vinyl format.

Expect a thick and impenetrable blanket of cold northern fog that becomes sound, this grim graveyard of straight norwegian black metal is some of the creepiest music that Dusktone has released so far.

 Mastered at Sunlight Studio (Swe)

Limited edition BLACK vinyl - DUSKTONE 2019

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