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IMPIOUS BAPTISM - Wrath Of The Apex Predator LP

IMPIOUS BAPTISM - Wrath Of The Apex Predator LP

189,00 kr

Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS unearths filthy black gems from Down Under: IMPIOUS BAPTISM's debut album after a couple well-received EPs, Wrath of the Apex Predator. The sole creation of longtime scene veteran J. (NOCTURNAL GRAVES, ex-DESTRUKTOR, ex-DESTROYER 666), IMPIOUS BAPTISM bellow forth desecrating black metal in the ancient tradition of the early South American and Finnish masters. Flowing from choking doom to grinding, black filth and imbued with a powerful, full-bodied production that amplifies every abyssal note, IMPIOUS BAPTISM drag you down into the depths and then deeper - feel the Wrath of the Apex Predator!

Grey & White Blend vinyl with booklet style insert  

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