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Apocalyptic Empire Records



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Raw, occult Thrash/ Speed Metal from Nidaros, Norway! In just 1 year the band have released 2 incredible demo-tapes that has received great feedback in the underground, and now their debut album is here! INFANT DEATH is exactly what they sound like. A band from Norway that loves Slayer, Bathory, and a touch of the 90's Black Metal from their motherland. And it works…the formula that is. Play fast, wear black, and hail Metal! Musically, this is off the charts. At times it is so fast and schizophrenic it's hard to keep up, but at the same time it will remind you of 80's Thrash/ Speed but with an added frantic energy that is bound to get heads banging. Completely and all around old school without being pretentious, it slays most retro-Thrash bands these days and it will inspire you to throw on your battle jackets, spiked wristbands and smash some posers!

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