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INSULTERS - We are the plague CD

INSULTERS - We are the plague CD

89,00 kr
“We Are the Plague” is a killer blackened Thrash / Death Metal album. If you think of old Sodom, Venom, Kreator, Death (first LP) and other such obvious classics, and add some newer bands like Aura Noir, Witchmaster, Nocturnal Breed and such then you can know what this music is like. Thrashing riffs, great, relentless tempo, harsh vocals, killer obscure, morbid atmosphere, filthy sound and just a lot of energy and powerful music. The title song, which opens the album, should be a national anthem of Spain, it is so vicious and awesome!
This CD is limited to 1000 copies and released in a very special format. 4 panel, 7″ sized giant digipack! It looks like a thick 7''EP!

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