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KARLS SANDERS - Saurian Meditation 2LP (ORANGE)

KARLS SANDERS - Saurian Meditation 2LP (ORANGE)

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For the first time on vinyl! The debut album of Karl Sanders solo-project "Karl Sanders". Originally released in 2004 only on CD by Relapse Records and now for the first time on vinyl in July 2022!

Nearly 20 years ago, Karl Sanders – the founder, principal songwriter, and driving creative force behind the exotic, devastatingly heavy stylings of American extreme Death Metal icons NILE – forayed from his metallic leanings to serve listeners with a transfixing dose of the cinematic, meditative, world music-driven "Saurian Meditation". The album explores highly original compositions of hypnotizing, primarily Middle Eastern inspired music, featuring the unique inclusion of instruments such as the balagma saz (Turkish lute) and Glissentar, often blended with dark electronic ambience and deft electric guitar work. "Saurian Meditation" marked the beginning of Sanders’ Saurian journey, being the first of now three Saurian releases. From the haunting first notes of “Awaiting the Vultures”, which dreamily conjures images of traversing through the dark, mysterious halls of an abandoned ancient temple, to the slithering, percussion-driven pulses and searing electric solos on the ominous album closer “Beckon the Sick Winds of Pestilence” – "Saurian Meditation" provides a diverse escape for both fans of NILE and the outer realms beyond. Thematically centered around its acoustically-driven, spellbinding seventh track, “Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents”, the album ebbs and flows from a higher, rhythmic consciousness to a darker, hypnotic inner balance, achieving a Reptilian Theta State of deep meditation. "Saurian Meditation" launches the multi-dimensional Saurian universe – witness the very first, transcendental solo output by Karl Sanders!

Limited edition transparent orange double Vinyl in Gatefold Cover with Etching on Side D - NAPALM RECORDS 2022

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