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KHARON - Shores of Acheron 2LP

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"Shores Of Acheron" is an opus of technical and melodic Black Metal and a product from experienced musicians with roots in the Norwegian 90s Metal scene including artists from Mork, Dauden and Ragnarok. 

Kharon was established in the early 90's, and released an EP in early 2000. Parts of this material are now mixed and mastered again and given a proper quality boost. Combined with new material featuring Malignant on drums and vocals, mixed and mastered as a whole, and the band's debut album "Shores of Acheron" is finally unveiled.

The album as such constitutes Kharon's journey through more than 20 years of Norwegian Metal music history. "Shores of Acheron" follows up the EP "The Fullmoon Curse" released in 2021, which is also included in this double-LP release on gold and red vinyl, respectively. 

Gatefold cover - HELLSTAIN PRODUCTIONS 2022