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KHOLD - Phantom LP

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On vinyl for the first time!

Phantom was KHOLD’s second album, released in 2002 on Moonfog Productions, just one year on from their debut Masterpiss of Pain. The tracks on offer were once again a fine concoction of mid-paced, often groove-laden black metal, with old-school riffing, & a prominent bass presence helping to drive the tracks along. KHOLD quickly became firmly established in the Black Metal world as a serious force in this newer wave of Norwegian acts.

Contains inner sleeve with lyrics. PEACEVILLE RECORDS 2022


Khold formed in Oslo in the year 2000, by Gard & Sarke (also known from his own, self-named act, alongside Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto). Khold is what emerged out of the ashes of the cult band Tulus.

Khold has recorded 6 albums to date, & have successfully toured with bands such as Satyricon & Behemoth in the past. Khold is also notable for their use of old Norse for song-titles and lyrics.