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KNIFE - Heaven Into Dust CD

KNIFE - Heaven Into Dust CD

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Exciting uprising German outfit KNIFE reveals a blend of modern extreme, speed and first wave Black Netal sprinkled with punk elements on their new album and Napalm Records debut, Heaven Into Dust!

Formed in 2019, the band defied the pandemic - quickly establishing their standing in the scene with their acclaimed self-titled debut record, Knife (2021). German Metal Hammer predicted KNIFE would hit like a torpedo, giving the album an impressive 6/7 rating. Now, the quartet delivers the sharpest blade, obeying the authentic sound of raw extreme metal!

Kicking off with dramatic organ tunes and unsettling whispers, album opener “Hawks Of Hades” sets the tone for their newest chapter. Raspy punk screams rule the darkness together with an eclectic arrangement. Followed by the rousing track “Night Vision”, remarkable classic rock riffs build its foundation while unbridled drums hustle along with shredding guitars. Topped by a catchy, raw refrain, vocalist Vince Nihil fits in perfectly with the fiery demonic atmosphere. On title track “Heaven Into Dust”, KNIFE settles down in the fierce abysses of speed metal. Shredding demons against the walls, the German quartet set heaven on fire with blood-curdling screams, unstoppable drum passages and race along with headbang-worthy guitar lines. Bringing out their hard rock and heavy metal influences on songs like “With Torches They March” and “Black Oath and Spells”, they showcase the band’s skill in creating remarkable choruses, characterized by soaring vocals, scorching guitar solos and leading drum strokes. KNIFE keeps on rolling with dynamic changes on the album closer “No Gods in the Dark” – featuring unbending, shrieking screams dueling with shredding riffs before the instrumental finale fades out.

With Heaven Into Dust, the band has truly sharpened their tools and is ready to convince with their energetic live performances at festival appearances like Wacken Open Air and Rock Hard festival this summer – beware!

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