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KZOHH - Rye Fleas Chrismon 2LP*

KZOHH - Rye Fleas Chrismon 2LP*

249,00 kr
Kzohh is a black metal band from Ukraine and Russia, formed in 2014. Members have had some experience in different bands before and throw all of their influences into one massive album. Traditional black metal, mixed with dark ambient, doom and post-metal elements causes an intense listening experience. Above that, there's a number of unidentified sounds and noises presents, enhancing the strange atmosphere. There are creatures there. Dark, frightening beasts, possibly sent up from the deepest regions of hell; spawned by all that is malevolent, vile and rotten about mankind. They're coming and there's no escape.

Limited to 300 copies, 350g gatefold cover, double printed innersleeve.

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