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LIVING DEATH - Vengeance of Hell LP

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The debut album of LIVING DEATH was most likely the first Speed / Thrash Metal album from a German band. Released in 1984 the pioneer work deserves respect. Moreover, the story of Teutonic Thrash cannot be told without mentioning "Vengeance of Hell"! Despite cheezy as hell lyrics, thin production and an overall album that might have been recorded a bit too early in the bands career, I can not help but love this album and frequently play it as I feel it's early and pre-scene atmosphere before everything exploded into a big commercial Thrash Metal scene is unique and even today gives me the chills! Hate it or love it - it is forever a big part of the German Speed/ Thrash Metal history!
Re-released by High Roller Records, 2nd pressing on grey/ red blend vinyl, limited to 300 copies, high gloss 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, art paper lyric insert, poster, bonus track, remix version, remastered & restored!

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