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MASACRE - Reqviem 2LP + 7’’ EP (RED)

MASACRE - Reqviem 2LP + 7’’ EP (RED)

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REQVIEM The album of the Dead and the Metal from Colombia!

"When I first went into the studio for the REQVIEM Album I was about 20 years old living in Medellín city in the 80s. Medellín is the second most important city of Colombia; by that time, a place full of hate with this bitter taste on the air, reflection of what Death used to leave behind it's continuous presence in the streets and neighborhoods of the city. A huge percentage of Medellin's society was the result of poverty, lack of opportunities and the everlasting misery, a situation that soon was seen by the drug cartels as way of grow by imposing its own law and rules under the flag of dirty money while the government blind, deaf, and corrupt wasn't and still not a part of the solution for the current and upcoming generations.

Since then a tremendous passion for Metal Music has been living inside me.

BullMetal and I were making our dream come true. Without knowing we were creating one of the most iconic metal albums, not only here in Colombia but in South America and Worldwide as well.

An album transcending time and space which has permitted MASACRE write its own lines on the pages of this International Brutal Sound where time has been a silent witness of those who grow listening, screaming and headbanging their fucking heads off to get rid of a reality that still hurts and lives in every lyric as an eternal curse.

Difficult times, difficult days. We were forced to think different, hate a whole system, religion, morality, politics and society. From this living hell our lyrics were born and a raw dark sound transformed our music onto a personal signature, an alleviation. Funeral march of many.

REQVIEM, (sing to the dead) to Colombia past, present, and future. The massacred Colombia. REQVIEM can be summarized in two words. DEATH METAL, Metal of Death."

Alex Okendo

Re-release of the so CULT now album from 1991 of MASACRE Reqviem, the second release of Osmose Productions.

Special edition including the original recording from 1991, BUT also a complete re-recording, mixing, mastering of what it should have sounds!

So be prepared, after 32 years, the sound recording is just magick and reflect who is really MASACRE! A Pure Fucking Giant Band from COLOMBIA!

Limited edition of 500 x RED 2 x 12" + 7" (180g) in a black poly-lined innerbag, download card, insert 4 page, full-color on 250g, gatefold, full-color - black flood inside on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag. OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS 2023


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