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MAYHEM - Ordo Ad Chao CD

MAYHEM - Ordo Ad Chao CD

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Ordo Ad Chao - MAYHEM's fifth album and the first since their post-Euronymous reformation to feature Attila Csihar (TORMENTOR / ABORYM) - is also a grandiose exercise in conjuring up gloom. The guitars sound as if they are relentlessly sawing through bone, the drums shatter and pound like a torrential rainstorm. Csihar's deliriously over-the-top vocal style is completely unparalleled in music. Mostly, he sounds insane; as if the madness eating away at his brain is being projectile-vomited out of his mouth.

MAYHEM (Metal): Atilla (vocals); Blasphemer (guitar, bass guitar); Necrobutcher (bass guitar); Hellhammer (drum). Possibly inspired by the Freemasonry motto, ORDO AD CHAO (translation "Order to Chaos") is the fifth full-length album from Norway's controversial (suicides, murders, and other violent incidents shroud the band's history) Norge Black Metal founders, MAYHEM. The return of the divisive former TORMENTOR / ABORYM vocalist and Sun O))) collaborator Atilla Csihar (replacing Sven Erik Kristiansen, known to fans as Maniac, now in SKITLIV) makes this an especially noteworthy affair. While the album's brutally raw production value keeps the band's status as the kings of the genre firmly in place. Essential for fans of Hellhammer's drumming!

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