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MEDIEVAL - Medieval Kills! LP

MEDIEVAL - Medieval Kills! LP

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This is the best rock/metal/punk hybrid since Motorhead. Formed back in 1979, the year of Overkill and the formation of Venom, these guys never really managed to get things off the ground in time, despite being championed by Kick*Ass Monthly’s Bob Muldowney. Being located in Michigan probably had something to do with that. If they had been located in the Bay Area or Tampa or London, maybe we’d be talking about them in the same breath as the other progenitors. It’s a bit difficult to get a handle on Medieval’s style, mostly because they’re a pretty changeable lot. Sometimes they remind of very straight-ahead, fast NWOBHM like Raven or Blitzkrieg or Warfare, sometimes punk rock, sometimes Motorhead with overdriven vocals, sometimes proto-extreme metal, sometimes proto-sloppy thrash like early Voivod. The songs however are uniformly short, concise blasts of visceral violence, with a rare calm bit thrown in now and then (beginning of “Blood and Anger”). Medieval inhabit that primordial soup where all of those styles originated; they tap into the primal force that powers them all, without decisively evolving along any one of the established paths.

Ltd. 350 on bone/ red splatter vinyl in heavy cardboard cover with lyric sheet and poster.

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