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MEDIEVAL - Reign Of Terror MLP

MEDIEVAL - Reign Of Terror MLP

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Debut MLP from this cult US act now available once again. Dubbed “the imageless band” due to their refusal to wear makeup or costumes or follow trends, labels gave Medieval a hard time. After a few independent demos in the mid 80s, followed by an appearance on Metal Massacre IV.,finally New Renaissance threw Medieval a lifeline, and out came their 1986 MLP. The label was best known perhaps for its roster of third-rate thrash acts like Anvil Bitch and Indestroy, as well as a few oddball groups like lightweight power metallers Gargoyle and Dream Death, a similarly unusual and underrated band. So what do they sound like? It’s like trying to describe Hellhammer or Venom or any of those ur-bands. Medieval have that same raw energy with their throat-shredding shrieks and growls, sloppy, breakneck riffs, and raucous cymbal abuse. Medieval have more going for them than simple raw energy, however; they have a certain sly cunning in their songwriting that keeps the listener off guard and unsure of what’s coming next.

Ltd. 350 on white/ black splatter vinyl in heavy cardboard cover with lyric sheet and poster.

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