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MOGHUL - Dead Empires MLP

MOGHUL - Dead Empires MLP

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Dead Empires, the new EP from UK metallers Moghul, reveals what it would be like to be enclosed within through the iron jaws of a leviathan, sucked down its oppressive throat, and digested within a cavernous expanse of depths with a tar thick consumption of unrelenting energy and sonic acid. It is a monster of a release, not only in weight and length but in emotive resonance and exhausting intensity. The quartet from Birmingham since forming last year, has built a sizeable name for themselves through their live performances which has seen them alongside the likes of as Conan, Black Magician, Slab and Alunah. Their demo track Blood & Ceremony of last August also marked the band as ones to watch soon followed by the digital release of Dead Empires. Now with additional availability on a limited edition vinyl edition through Devizes Record, the EP is getting another deserved push. Consisting of just two massive tracks, the release easily explains why the quartet of vocalists/guitarists James Neuenhaus and Joseph Barber, bassist Adam Wiseman, and vocalist/drummer Tom Woods, are becoming the talk of UK rock, their fusing of doom, sludge, stoner, and classic heavy rock an epic and very persuasive mixture. Each song on the EP is a journey, an overwhelming testing sonic odyssey but one offering nothing less than the richest rewards.

Devizes Records

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