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MORBID SAINT - Destruction System CD

MORBID SAINT - Destruction System CD

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While words like “underground” and “cult” get thrown around a lot in metal circles, they could not be more apt to describe “Spectrum of Death” by Morbid Saint

It seems that the history of thrash metal in particular is rife with upstarts looking at potentially successful careers who eventually never made it. Or bluntly speaking: For each Metallica or Slayer, there are ten acts like MORBID SAINT, whose 1990 underground classic “Spectrum of Death” should rank high in the annals of the genre, not least due to its massive influence on the first death metal acts of that time.

Founded in the small town of Sheboygan in Wisconsin in late 1984, the eventual five-piece churned out some of the wildest thrash there has ever been with their first full-length, only to fizzle out shortly after due to various reasons. “The band stopped more or less from being burned-out and other more important responsibilities that come with getting older”, says guitarist and co-founder Jim Fergades.

Their prospective second album “Destruction System” was never properly finished but got bootlegged throughout the years in which MORBID SAINT gained a cult following. High Roller Records are now happy to announce an official release of the material, which has been coordinated in close connection with the band, which was reunited in 2010 and again features its creative core of Jim besides fellow guitarist Jay Visser as well as singer Pat Lind.

“Destruction System” was diligently remastered to do justice to the group´s initial intentions and has been called many things by both fans and critics who were able to listen to the material; however, the ten tracks are probably best described as a more mature and diverse but still furious take on that which made “Spectrum of Death” great.

Topped off by an entirely new artwork that makes the previous, unofficial cover obsolete, “Destruction System” can now be enjoyed in its full thrashing splendour!

Jewelcase CD in slipcase, poster, mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony.

High Roller Records 2023

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