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MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death LP

MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death LP

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A masterpiece of raw and rabid, deadly thrashing madness has returned as a stunning reissue: MORBID SAINT's "Spectrum of Death"! Originally recorded as a demo in the late 80's and produced by Eric Greif (Acrophet, Viogression), the 1990 released album by the Wisconsin thrashers offers a vicious and intense mix of early Slayer, Kreator, and Dark Angel that has not lost any of its violent impact. After a series of low-key reissues and shabby bootlegs, "Spectrum of Death" is now released on vinyl visually orientating on the original design yet in a Gatefold sleeve to house the extensive 8-page LP-sized booklet. For this release, founding member Jay Visser (guitar) dug deep into his personal archive and excavated tons of rare photos, obscure logo designs, and flyers as well as telling the history of MORBID SAINT in a detailed interview.

High Roller Records, black vinyl, ltd 350, high gloss 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert printed on uncoated paper, poster.

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