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MORK - Pesta 12'' MLP

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“Pesta” is a 4 track EP, its lead track composed as a reflection of the mood of current times, as well as drawing inspiration from the art and music world, with the main motivation to record the track stemming from a visit to locations portrayed in the works of celebrated Norwegian artist, Theodor Kittelsen.

Mainman Thomas “Mork” Eriksen explains the origins of ‘Pesta’. “The Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) has been an important part of Norwegian Black Metal since the early 90’s. His drawings have been made famous in the genre by Burzum’s releases such as “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” and “Filosofem”. Kittelsen’s artwork has a haunting, eerie and mysterious effect. Most noteworthy is his work in the book “Svartedauden” (‘The Black Plague’) which was originally published in 1900. During a summer trip I passed through the valley where Kittelsen resided, and visited the farm, Lauvlia. While there I found out that a couple of the drawings in “Svartedauden” are based on actual places. The Kittelsen drawings “Pesta i trappa” and “Musstad” are based on a particular house on a different farm, where the artist lived for a while. A good friend of mine said that I should create a song to go along with the pictures, so it all fit nicely with the current Covid-19 situation, so I wrote a song about the Black Plague called ‘Pesta’.”

Complimenting ‘Pesta’ on side A is a special recording of Valen, originally by Burzum & presented as a haunting acoustic interpretation of the track, while side B contains 2 live songs recorded during Orgivm Satanicvm in early 2020 in Oslo, Norway.

 Limited black vinyl pressing of 500 copies globally - PEACEVILLE RECORDS 2020

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