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MOSAIC - Old Man's Wyntar LP

MOSAIC - Old Man's Wyntar LP

189,00 kr
Finally the first extended record of MOSAIC is available on vinyl. Very cold in its production, this is not just another Black Metal record featuring the winter as maintheme. This record has to be seen as a soundtrack to the wonderful cover painting, created by the Rhine romanticist Caspar Nepomuk Scheuren. OLD MAN's WYNTAR is a journey towards the different sides of winter, using also neofolk, ambient and post-rock elements, to capture all shapes and shades of this unique trip.
Next to the cold instrumentation, the unique vocal work gives the record another multilayered depth, featuring also guest vocals of A. Deathmonger (Charon / Hatespawn). The record is divided into two chapters, which represent the romantic and harsh moments of a snow covered world. Next to the six original tracks the vinyl edition features an additional bonustrack named "Silent World, Holy Awe" - one of the very few studio recordings with Pi:1T 5r from Farsot on drums and percussion.
This song was original written back in MMX and was the very first Mosaic track with an wintery theme. You will find this song on the first side, closing the romantic side of wyntar.

The whole edition comes on clear vinyl with blue splatter and is limited to 500 copies, incl. a lyric sheet and an A2 poster.

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