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MYRHOLT - Med samme nål, under samme måne MC

MYRHOLT - Med samme nål, under samme måne MC

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Myrholt is old school Black Metal. Nothing more, nothing less!

Myrholt is not a young band but rooted in the early 90’s. The first material was written and recorded already in 1992 by a then 14 year old Ole Alexander Myrholt (see also: Archon, Diabolical Breed, Enslavement of Beauty, Gaia Epicus, The Flame Within, Those Left Behind etc.)
“Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane” is the 2017 full-length album and contains seven nordic hymns, called Norwegian Black metal filled with epic atmosphere!

Only 50 professionally printed cassettes has been made - released by SNAKEOIL KASSETTFORLAG!

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