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NECROPHAGIA - Harvest Ritual Volume 1 LP

NECROPHAGIA - Harvest Ritual Volume 1 LP

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Finally available for the first time ever on regular vinyl and with 24 bit vinyl master courtesy of Arvid Nordtveit for the ultimate experience in bone chilling horror! Comes on heavy weight 180 gram vinyl and printed insert.

First spawned dead in Ohio, 1983 by Frank "KIlljoy" Pucci, Necrophagia remains one of the originators of the death metal genre. Following his unfortunate death in 2018, Necrophagia leaves behind an undying legacy of horror and gore which will continue to inspire new artists and fans of the genre for centuries ahead and (the) beyond.

Titta Tani: Tombstones & Witchfyre
Mirai Kawashima: Grand Inquisitor of Pain, Torture & Hauntings
Frediablo: Morgue Fiend Masturbator of Hellstrings
Iscariah: Desecrator of Goats Blood and Cloven Hooves
Killjoy: Black Blood Vomiting and Corpse Shrieks
Fug: Necromantic Six String Suicide

High gloss 3mm spine outer sleeve w/ printed insert. Heavy weight 180 gram BLACK vinyl limited to only 150 copies - EDGED CIRLCE PRODUCTIONS 2024

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