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NIGHT - High Tides - Distant Skies LP

NIGHT - High Tides - Distant Skies LP

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Few bands are as much fun as Night. Building on the core tenets of vest metal, their 80s inspired sound rocks hard and rides free. They capture the imagination and haul listeners into the past. With big choruses, punchy guitars, and classic metal cheese, their latest offering, High Tides – Distant Skies, reigns supreme. In many ways, Night are clearly aping their classic metal forefathers. Thing is, they know it—and that's part of the fun! Night are another amazing addition to the burgeoning pantheon of Swedish hard rock. They will get heads banging and butts shaking. This band nicely reflects the power of the 80s. This comes both with their tongue in cheek songwriting and the way the band simply feels classic. Night play Saxon-worshipping hard rock the way it was meant to be played. It's a blast.
Night has once again taken the help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Tribulation, Honeymoon Disease, ISE). The band has stepped outside their comfort zone, something that becomes possible after taking their time both with songwriting and having a long term collaboration with their producer. Night has since their last album enlisted drummer Linus Fritzson (Ambush). The band has spent a long time concentrating on songwriting, building trust and being able to step outside of the box. There are more vocal arrangements, but also larger arrangements on the songs and even strings.

Black vinyl LP with printed innersleeve.

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