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NIGHT VIPER are a hot-rockin Heavy Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The first two ingredients in the Viper pie were Sofie Lee Johansson and Tom Sutton (Horisont, The Order Of Israfel, ex-Church Of Misery). As soon as they met, the chemistry started flying and some pure fist-banging heavy metal demos were thrown down. They were joined briefly by Sven Nilsson from Antichrist on drums as well as a few others on guitar and bass, but it was once swing master Jonna Karlsson was behind the kit that things started really moving. The folk-tastic stylings of Emil Ridderstolpe on guitar and the fast fingers of Ruben Åhlander Persson (Miasmal) on bass completed the lineup. They played their first show in Summer 2014, and since then have played at Heavy Days In Doomtown, Muskelrock and Geggan festivals to great success, along with gigs throughout Sweden.

This is their debut-album simply called “Night Viper”.

“We love it,” says guitarist Tom Sutton. “We recorded all the basic tracks live together, and I think you can really hear the excitement in the room. Its very organic-sounding, and will remind people of the heavy metal classics they love, while still being very current and very unique. Its not a tribute to any era in any way. Theres elements of Kill em All-era Metallica, Judas Priest, Entombed, and the more metal side of Motörhead, along with some Pentagram or Coven-type spookiness.  This is just a pure and honest representation of how we sound. Each song really has its own personality, and the melodies are super-catchy. The differences in style and influences between the two guitarists, Emil and I, give the album a lot of texture, I think. If theres a solo that sounds like cat with its tail on fire, thats me, and if theres something with a beautiful twirling melody to it, thats probably Emil. Ruben sounds totally thumping on bass, and Jonna plays with a swing that isnt heard in metal much these days. And for those who havent heard Sofie Lee sing yet, you really are in for a treat. We cant wait for people to hear it. There will be bangovers!”

2nd pressing on CLEAR vinyl - Svart Records 2016

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