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NOCTURNAL GRAVES - ...From The Bloodline Of Cain LP

NOCTURNAL GRAVES - ...From The Bloodline Of Cain LP

190,00 kr

After a three-year hiatus, NOCTURNAL GRAVES return from a morbid slumber with...From the Bloodline of Cain. Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance. In many ways, NOCTURNAL GRAVES' present can be best described as the perfect synthesis of ancient South American and German styles - fierce and fiery, incensed and enraged, and eternally thrusting with violence & force - but with a immediately ingraining songwriting acumen that's second to none. These songs will get in your head, and FAST, and compel you to destroy everything/anything within striking range: this is ...From the Bloodline of Cain!

Bronze/Swamp Green vinyl, comes in a black poly-lined inner sleeve and includes a lyric insert and a large A2 size poster of the cover artwork  

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