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NYSS - Princesse Terre LP

NYSS - Princesse Terre LP

199,00 kr
"Nyss creates these really great sonic soundscapes with the ambient portions that are then slowly morphed into a cold wasteland of black metal on this, their debut full-length album. The formula for each track is pretty much the same, with each one starting out with this really eerie yet beautiful ambient section that gives way to "angry bees" black metal. The black metal portions are quite decent, using both fast and mid-paced tempos to drive the music along. Vocally, the rasps are what you come to expect but there are clean, almost choral vocals that are sprinkled in that are a bit unsettling and well-utilized. The production is also very good, allowing things to blend together in a very natural sounding mix without sacrificing quality. Nyss is definitely a band to keep your eyes and ears on. Go and give 'Princesse Terre' a spin, I think you'll find it to be something that will stick with you after you've heard it." - Maximum Metal

Ltd. to 200 copies on black vinyl. Avantgarde Music 2017

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