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OPPROBRIUM - The Fallen Entities LP

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For those uninitiated into the world of the more extreme fringes of 80s thrash metal, where the early signs of death metal’s ascendancy was becoming apparent, the tale of Louisiana’s Opprobrium is really the story of an obscure death/thrash band dubbed Incubus. Their sound presented a highly accomplished, technical flavor that was extreme enough to rival the likes of Morbid Saint, Kreator, Demolition Hammer and even full blown death metal outfits such as Death and Morbid Angel.

If nothing else, the world of late 80s death/thrash was an intricate landscape of many twists and turns, and the two principle figures that brought one of its more unique players into the equation, namely the Howard brothers, have continued this tradition under the moniker of Opprobrium (a Latin word for something that brings great disgrace) since the turn of the millennium. The passage of time has done little to waiver their resolve to stick to their stylistic niche since their 1988 debut Serpent Temptation (as INCUBUS) first put them on the map, and their fifth studio offering The Fallen Entities continues their uncanny ability to report upon the cruel nature of the world. The brutality factor on display might draw comparisons to a number of revivalist old school death metal outfits such as Morfin, Rude, and Skeletal Remains, given that in the late 80s it was less clear as to where death/thrash ended and death metal began, yet the overall presentation is one that is more of a current expression of the style rather than an overt throwback to another time.

First pressing - BLACK vinyl limited to 200 copies – High Roller Records 2019