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ORDER OF DARKNESS - Order of Darkness LP

ORDER OF DARKNESS - Order of Darkness LP

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Order of Darkness returns with hatred and vengeance, presenting the first material recorded in 2017 to follow up Vrej. This self-titled demo spanning 21 minutes represents a return to Harbinger of the Void's original sound with droning, distant melodies and a varied, confrontational vocal style. As with Vrej, the listener is presented with cavernous atmosphere and minimalism with disdain towards the nowadays Black Metal scene. Followers of the Order will not be disappointed, while newcomers may be brought under the spell given the less abstract compositions as heard on previous demos.

As a bonus, Side B of this LP contains Cosmic Tyranny, Order of Darkness' second demo originally released by Altare Productions (Por) limited to 66 copies. Given its limitation, this material will likely be heard by the listener for the first time.

Both demos were originally mastered by Altare for cassette only, but have now been remastered by the notorious VK for this exclusive vinyl release. Strictly limited to 300 copies never to be repressed, German powerhouses Amor Fati and Iron Bonehead present this LP for your immediate sacrifice.

- 350gsm Reverseboard Jacket with Inside Flooded in Black
- 140g Black Vinyl
- New audio mastering by VK
- Layout by Dan Fried
- Released in cooperation with Iron Bonehead Productions
- Limited to 300 copies

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