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OVERKILL - Taking Over LP

OVERKILL - Taking Over LP

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After the coat tails of the successful 1985 album, “Feel The Fire”, Overkill (Blitz, D.D., Gustafson, and Rat once again) went on to support their debut album for the next couple of years along the likes of Agent Steel and Anthrax, then later on for Slayer in support of their classic and highly influential album; “Reign In Blood”. After all the touring, Overkill would finally release their long awaited sophomore album “Taking Over” in the spring of 87’. “Taking Over” would exhibit a evolution from “Feel The Fire” as the Wrecking Crew would play more with mid tempo songs and melodic elements

“Taking Over” may dial back some of that raw speed found in the previous album but they make up for it with more variety and development on their melodic side.

One of the best Thrash Metal albums of all time and a classic. If you haven’t listened to “Taking Over” from beginning to end, you’re missing out on one of the greats!

Re-release from MUSIC ON VINYL on 180 gram audiophile vinyl pressing

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