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PHANTOM FIRE - Return of the goat 7''EP

PHANTOM FIRE - Return of the goat 7''EP

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A brand-new entity hailing from Bergen, Norway. Hard-rocking, hard-charging, reeking of rust and diesel, here do PHANTOM FIRE kick out two jams of lithe 'n' lethal metal blackened to a crisp. And while so many nowadays "retro" bands head straight to the party, PHANTOM FIRE are intent on ruining that party, spreading black leathery wings wide and ominously.

A unique take on the traditional, Return of the Goat is a deadly auspicious first start, and the title track's a tasty preview of PHANTOM FIRE's forthcoming debut album, The Bust of Beelzebub, due out later in 2021 via EDGED CIRCLE. You've been warned!

2nd press with alternate artwork version limited 200 copies due to huge demand!


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