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RESONAUT  - Sky Burial 12'' MLP

RESONAUT - Sky Burial 12'' MLP

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Resonaut are from Norway and play some of the best heavy doom metal I've heard in ages. In the late 90s this kinda music was really unfashionable but a few bands were still grinding away at it and a very distinct sound developed. Band like Church Of Misery, Blood Farmers and Pale Divine used the Sabbath blueprint but also took note from stuff like Sleep's seminal "Jerusalem" record with its shamanistic overtones and dope-smoke haze feedback throughout and Electric Wizard's mind-bendingly heavy tones. Anyway, since then there's been a massive up-surge in interest in doom metal (a good thing!) but very few bands seem to play this style any more, with the kinda boring sludge scene taking over for a while and now the "sound EXACTLY like Sabbath/Blue Cheer" thing going on, it's really nice to see a band who just play solid doom metal without any agenda.

The two numbers on here both feel quite "epic" in scope, lots of long sustained riffs and brilliant bellowing vocals (which again remind me a lot of Blood Farmers!). The production job is top-notch, and two songs cut at 45 on a 12" is the maximal way to listen to this kinda stuff.

A cracking new Black Sabbath album out proves that doom metal will never die, and bands like Resonaut continue to live their legacy. Doom on!

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

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